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Seattle, WA

Printing one layer at a time

DL Screenprinting, fueled by Arellano Horvath LLC, was established in Seattle, WA in 2003.

2003 – today

Here at DL Screenprinting, silk screen printing is our art form. We are a hardworking team that works one layer at a time to masterfully mix inks and match colors, all with the highest attention to detail.  We take pride in each step of the process: printing, trimming, wrapping, and packing.  The relationships we build with each artist are fundamental to our success.

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We Just Turned 21!

DL Screenprinting celebrated its 21st birthday this year! To commemorate, we revamped our website and have even dabbled in a little social media. Follow us on Instagram @dl_screenprinting.

In this section, we will feature different artists and friends. Check back often!

We've Been Around the Block

We have worked with many artists and have produced many prints.

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